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"Billy arrived at 9:00am as promised. He explained procedure of the energy audit and suggested that I ask questions and to follow him around to see first hand any findings. First a large fan was set up in my front door and all windows and doors were closed. He then turned on the fan and put my house in a negative pressure, a airflow measurement was noted. Billy explained that the same amount of air that was measured leaving my home was making its way back into the home areas that were not properly sealed. We walked through my home with a infrared camera and a smoke tracing device that allowed us to see the unwanted air making its way into my home. We found that the attic was tied to the basement via the chimney chase way. We found an area in the vaulted ceiling that a section of insulation was had settled leaving an uninsulated void in my ceiling. After the blower door testing, a smaller fan was connected to the ductwork to check for duct leakage. We found that about 20% of the air from the furnace/air conditioner was leaking from the ducts into unwanted areas. Billy checked the efficiency of my furnace and hot water tank to be in the mid-efficiency range. Several energy saving improvements were suggested and quoted. I am reviewing the improvements and will likely have them made, starting with a new furnace and heat pump system with duct sealing and modifications. This service went far beyond any expectations and was fairly priced."
— Joyce P. (Parma, OH)

"Spoke with Bryan over the phone and he was extremely informative and answered my questions. The Technician, Billy, arrived and explained in detail what he was going to do for the energy audit. He put a device called a blower door in my front door which measured how much unwanted outside air was coming into my home. It was measured that all the combine leakage into my home was equal to about a 2 foot x 2 foot hole. This was like having my window open all of the time. We walked around the house with the blower door running and we could actually feel the air coming in from the windows, the electrical outlets, and the attic hatch. With the infrared camera we could see that some of the walls were lacking insulation. Bers quoted me on two improvements that could be made to help save me energy. I am considering which option that I will go with. I was impressed with the technician. Billy’s knowledge and professionalism. It was amazing to find the air leaking into my home and how much I was spending trying to keep my house warm and cool. He has given me two options on correcting the leakage. I am now considering these options and will make a decision soon."
— Joni N. (Mentor, OH)

"The main drain from my kitchen was broken under the cement slab of my house and the waste was draining into a duct and down to the furnace! I had 7 different companies come out to give estimates and BERS was by far the most professional and knowledgeable. They were the ONLY company who was even willing to attempt to repair the drain without tearing ALL my kitchen cabinets outs and breaking my ceramic floor! Their estimate was three thousand dollars cheaper then other companies. The repair was scheduled promptly and the guys showed up on time. The crew came in disconnected the kitchen sink, cut out the bottom of the cabinet, jack-hammered the cement to get to the broken pipe. Before they repaired where they saw the pipe was corroded, they check the rest of the drain line to make sure there were no more breaks. Thankfully, there weren’t. They fix the corroded pipe, replaced the bottom of the cabinet, re-attached the sink and caulked around it. The guys did an excellent job and I would not only call them back for any HVAC, plumbing or electrical issued but I am going to tell everyone I know about them!"
— Mary H. (Euclid, OH)

"I would recommend Ber’s to anyone who needs an honest plumbing service. I needed to have my sprinkler system capped off, but didn’t know anything about how to do it. The owner took the time to walk me through how his company would not “cap” the system, but would cut off a one inch piece of pipe from inside the house. He explained that this was better than “capping” as it would allow for a more simple fix should I want to hook it back up or if I wanted to sell the house in the future because a plumber could simply come in and replace the pipe to the sprinkler system. My first call was returned the same day. Service was scheduled within the week according to my schedule. The service man arrived, was clean cut, very friendly, took care to not make a mess, cleaned up after he cut the pipe and was very quick! Excellent service."
— Angelique S. (Montville Township, OH)

"Thank you BERS Heating & cooling, for your prompt service. When my main water line broke. I was at wits end and you were here quickly and put me at ease. And at a good price too. Thank You again."
— Lora Hand

"Tech came and cleaned and inspected the furnace and water heater. Tech was prompt and did a thorough job and explained what he was doing. He didn’t mind that I watched and answered all my questions. He was very nice. I would have them back again."
— Joan K. (Solon, OH)

"I had issues with my electric meter box being pulled down on one side and sitting crooked on the house; underground electrical cables from 40 years ago are not good. Anyway … it was an eye sore and I worried about the safety of this. Emailed/called a few places, and BERS responded in a timely fashion. I was not home when the looked at my issue, but I was provided a prompt estimate very competitive with what the others finally got around to providing. Since they had to coordinate with CEI to physically shut my power off before they could fix my meter box, there was a little schedule tweaking – all because of CEI’s involvement. The BERS technician was prompt and friendly and did was he was there to do in quick order. The tech even had to transplant one of my rose bushes … I expected him to simply destroy it, but he took the time to dig it up nicely and replant it once he was done. Very nice! Thanks. CEI turned my power back on, and I’m all set. I am very happy with the service provided and price charged by BERS."
— Carl S. (Broadview Heights, OH)

"Great company!!!!! Found another problem and fixed it for only $50! My tenants told me the installers were professional, well groomed, friendly and on time. She is very happy with the quality of the heat and anticipating lower bills because of the high efficiency. I am leaving my previous HVAC company and going with BERS. They are affordable, prompt and HIGH QUALITY!!!!"
— Stacy E. (Akron, OH)

"I had an outside faucet replaced and had my air conditioning unit checked. I had an outside faucet replaced. The serviceman was going to be a little late and called to let me know. He actually ended up being on time. He was great. The job was completed in a very timely manner. He cleaned any mess he may have made and talked to me about what he did. I also had my air conditioning unit checked. I had another service man come out. He cleaned the unit and checked everything. He talked to me about what he found and even told me about a rebate I was entitled to for having my unit serviced. He had all the paper work for me to send in. That was a nice surprise. I HIGHLY recommend BERS for plumbing and HVAC work you need completed."
— Mary Beth G. (Parma, OH)

"I was able to take advantage of a special deal on Angie’s list to use this company for electrical work. I was a bit nervous never having used their services before. An employee of the company – Tom, showed up on time, was very professional, did a FANTASTIC job and was just the type of person that you would want to show up and do any type of work at your house. Trusting and a hard worker he really knew his electrics. I obtained a quote for further work and will be contacting this company BER’s and Tom again to complete it. I feel great knowing that I now have a company that I can contact to get a fair price and great work done at my house."
— David W. (Bay Village, OH)

"Excellent work with quality installation and professional crew. The salesman – Jay explained all the options and the pros and minuses of each choice and left without any pressure. Once we contracted with BERS the entire project from contract signing to installation went extremely well. They installation crew – Chuck and Eric showed up on time, put down protective covering and went to business for two days to install both the heating and air conditioning system with a new flue liner for the hot water tank and the new roof vent for the heating system. They corrected any (previously) installed poor installations and made the entire installation per code. The city inspector passed the installation when the project was completed. Great project and I would recommend this company."
— Alan L. (Rocky River, OH)