Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money And Peace Of Mind

  Posted on May 22, 2017

Thermostats are small but mighty devices that can shave up to 15% off of your heating and cooling bills—if you shop smartly.

As an HVAC specialist and owner of BERS HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Energy Auditing, I recommend customers try the newest and greatest thermostat technology on the market, which can be controlled using a wireless Internet connection. These high-tech units enable homeowners to control temperatures from a smartphone, iPad, computer, or other Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Some devices, like the SmartStat thermostat, will enable you to control more than just your heating and cooling systems. It can also be programmed to interface with hot water tanks, lights, security cameras, and other items throughout your home. The benefit of these Wi-Fi thermostats is that you can be in another state, manage your house, and monitor your HVAC system. This is especially useful for folks who are away from home long-term, such as snowbirds who flock to the south during winter and professionals who travel regularly for work.

You can make sure your furnace is working, check the current temperature of your home, and even turn the temperature up or down so your house is ready for you when you return. These thermostats are really affordable and work great.

New thermostat technology also enables HVAC specialists to remotely check the vitals of your furnace and air conditioner, doing tests and readings without ever stepping foot into your home. By checking in remotely, we can often detect something is going on before a part breaks, saving customers from facing costly repairs.

In my opinion, Honeywell is the most reliable, cost-effective Wi-Fi thermostat on the market, which is why we frequently recommend this brand to customers. While consumers can purchase a thermostat online or at a local home improvement store, we recommend getting the unit installed professionally. There is a lot of programming and setup that needs to be done, and our technicians are trained to set these units up properly.

A standard programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled Honeywell thermostat from BERS costs approximately $340 installed and can save hundreds of dollars over its lifespan, cutting HVAC costs by 10 to 15% when compared to non-programmable thermostats. Undeniably, they’re a worthwhile investment.