Heating Repair vs. Replacement

  Posted on May 22, 2017

Many people ponder, “When should I replace my old furnace instead of continuing to have it serviced?” That answer depends on a number of factors.

Furnace Safety:

If your old heating and cooling equipment is unsafe you really have no choice but to update it. Your family’s safety, is our primary concern. Cracked heat exchangers leak carbon monoxide into your home and can pose a serious health risk.

Furnace Breakdowns:

If you have continuous breakdowns and repair costs, a new furnace may be cheaper in the long run.

Furnace Cost:

Newer furnaces have amazing energy efficiency ratings as compared to older equipment. Today’s furnaces and boilers can achieve ratings of up to 97% as opposed to the old models, which may have reached 80% at best when they were new. Why waste dollars?

So when should I replace my furnace instead of having it fixed?  Follow the link below to calculate your existing system’s annual operating cost versus the cost of operating a new, high efficiency system.

Furnace Comfort:

Having new heating and cooling equipment in your home brings a piece of mind that can’t be measured. Knowing that your family is warm, safe and protected can be worth the cost of replacing your heating and cooling equipment in and of itself.

How long is the useful life of my furnace? Just because a furnace still runs doesn’t mean it hasn’t passed its useful life cycle. Use the factors mentioned above and decide for yourself.  Ber’s offers a $59.00 furnace startup and checkup package to guarantee your equipment is safe and functioning correctly.

If you need new heating and cooling equipment installed, we offer a 10 year parts and a 10 year labor warranty on all new Rheem, Amana and American Standard furnaces and air conditioners installed by our trained and experienced technicians.